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Ride a bicycle every day


Logo and phone number

Pipe-eye inspection camera

Troubleshoot drainage issues

Look inside your house perimeter drain


Pipe snake auger machine

Toilet snake

60' drum cable up to 4" pipe


Repair leaks

Drains, pipes, taps, toilets and valves


Install toilets and fixtures

Deliver & recycle



sunny day at the beach




Customer  Do you have a truck or van?

Erik  No, I only use a bicycle.


Customer  What neighbourhoods do you work in?

Erik         Location!     Location!     Location!

The Bicycle Plumbing headquarters are located near Mt Tolmie in Saanich with quick access to many routes in Gordon Head, Oak Bay and Victoria.

Customers in these areas will receive the most efficient plumbing services I provide.


Customer  Do you bill for your travel time?

Erik  No, you only pay for time I am working at your home.


Customer  I need a new bath tub/hot water tank, can you help?

Erik  Yes I can help, however; there are conditions.



Please call




A licensed, insured and registered company 



moving at the speed of progress



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Three convenient ways to pay

Cheque  -  E-transfer  -  Cash






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setting upout on the road




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The Bicycle Plumber

- household plumbing service and repairs
- moving at the speed of progress

A licensed, insured and registered company

Honest and affordable. I show up full of energy. I enjoy riding my bicycle and provide all fixtures from garburators and sinks to toilets and repair parts for an assortment of makes and models.

Pipe Inspection Camera
- look inside perimeter drain
- troubleshoot drainage issiues
- concrete waterproofing

Auger Machine
- no mess cable drum
- pipe unblocking tools
- pipe cleaning tools
- pipe eye camera inspection

Repair Leaks
- faucets
- taps
- toilets
- valves
- pipes

Install Toilets and Fixtures
- transport new toilets and fixtures for free
- haul away old toilets and fixtures for free

I really do use a bike to carry all tools and material required to give you the best plumbing service without using a motor vehicle.

I transport dishwashers, toilets, specific size hot water heaters, pumps, pipe and all tools including a power washer, snake auger machine and pipe camera depending on the task at hand.

My office and shop are located near Mt tolmie and bicycle routes to quickly access customers in Saanich, Oak Bay and Victoria.

Have a question? I want to listen and just might be your solution.


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Established 2015